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The Kanpur Nagar Nigam house tax department avails a rebate of 25% - 30% to the commercial users of a property. Traders and industrialists will reap the benefit of this rebate in tax. However, the users of a property, which are using the property for non-commercial purposes, will have to pay the tax according to old rates. This revised rate in the tax is use from past few years. 

The revenue collection of Nagar Nigam Kanpur house tax is expecting to be a hit due to this decision. However, Kanpur nagar nigam house tax department will face a financial loss of about Rs. 50 crore.

Following are the applicable rates of tax:

Ten percent hike in properties’ circle rate. After this, Rs. 5000 per Sq. meter as floor rate and Rs. 3000 per Sq. meter will be considered in the amount. The 7% of the sum of both of these amounts will be deducted and then the calculation of final amount will take place. Tax at the rate of 15% will be charged on the calculated final amount. The old houses will be exempted from the tax.

The municipal areas, which are using the GIS, Geographical Information System, have observed major revenue increase.

Nagar Nigam Kanpur house department is getting the benefits of this latest technology. Rs. 102 crore increases in the annual collection of house tax is observed after completion of GIS mapping in Kanpur, four months back. Earlier, annual collection of house tax was Rs. 28 crore. Moradabad and Varanasi has observed the hike in tax collection by Rs. 17 crore and Rs. 18 crore respectively.